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I’ve Lost 16 Kilos – I am fitter – Stronger- Healthier – Karen Edwards

When I first approached Lynda, I was not in a good place at all.
I was overweight, lacked confidence and could feel myself sinking into a deep hole of depression.
Lynda was sympathetic to my situation, showed no judgement and was ready to help.
She gave me access to all the tools I needed to reach my goals and kept in touch during the whole process.
17 weeks on the program and I am 16 kilos down. I feel fitter, stronger , healthier and more confident and enthusiastic about life. Can’t thank Lynda enough.

12 Kilos in 6 Weeks – 
I reached out to Lynda after a recommendation from a work colleague and following my umpteenth diet. I have struggled with weight loss my entire adult life and after having a baby 3 years ago, I struggled to shift any weight and the number on the scales continued to climb. After my very first session with Lynda I felt an immediate change. I sat down for dinner that night and could barely get through a quarter of my plate (completely unheard of). Subsequent sessions saw a paradigm shift in my relationship with food and exercise, and as a result, the weight started coming off. I have lost 12 kilos in 6 weeks and for the first time in several years, I feel completely in control. My journey with Lynda began as a desperate need to lose weight and morphed into something even deeper – healing from the inside. Although I have a specific number I want to reach, what is even more important is how I feel about myself (mind, body and soul). Lynda has provided me with all the tools I need to get to where I want to be but it is up to me to execute it, so I am accountable for my success. I still have a ways to go but its about working day by day, creating small goals and celebrating wins be it big or small. I recommend Lynda and VGB 1000% and truly believe in her approach and delivery. Thank you Lynda for all that you’ve done and I look forward to updating you in years time – Nov 2021 🙂


Virtual Gastric Band Review

5 kg in 4 Weeks – Laura Lyttleton

Lynda is truly amazing. When I jumped onto google not really sure what I was looking for, That’s Better was the first page that came up.. I felt like Lynda was put on my path for a reason from the moment I signed up. Not only did she help me where I thought I needed help but she actually pulled out what the real problem was without me even realizing. It has been maybe 6 weeks since I last had an appointment and since then my life has drastically changed for the better. Not only have I physically lost weight but also emotionally and mentally. I cannot thank Lynda enough. I highly highly recommend That’s Better.

After completing the Virtual Gastric Band with Lynda, I am loving not worrying about food and enjoying the small weekly changes my body is going through. The feeling of fullness hits and it sticks. If I do eat more than what I need, I find my stomach gets uncomfortable quite quickly and I can barely bring myself to look or think about food once that happens. Previously, my body & mind didn’t register as being full, so I would keep on eating.
My update on loss so far, well, it’s better than the *2kg loss last fortnight. This week – 4.0kgs. I’m happy with that, especially having had the flu, eaten what I considered to be a touch more than the new normal, limited exercise and a bit stressed. I am driving my car for the first time !


Virtual Gastric Band Review

“Working with Lynda, I have  found the virtual gastic band to be effective in helping me to reduce the amount I eat as I feel fuller sooner and don’t have a tendency to overeat as I did previously.  I am more aware of when I am full, when I am actually hungry and when I want to eat because I’ve had a bad day or am bored.  Because I’m more conscience of when I want to emotional eat, I can choose not to eat which is very liberating as I don’t think about food or eating half as much as I did before.

In conjunction with the virtual gastic band, I have had several aversion therapy’s which have been amazing!  I have a very sweet tooth with a reasonably constant craving for icecream, biscuits and chocolate; since having aversion therapy’s for these things I have very little if any desire for sweet things.  I have pretty much eradicated sweet things from my diet and when I do feel like something sweet, I feel completely satiated by only a small amount.  This is a total change considering I could sit down with a block of chocolate or packet of biscuits and 5 minutes later wondering where half of it went!  I truely can’t say what a change this has made to my eating habits – I don’t feel like I’m “missing out” on anything at all and actually feel really good that I’m no longer eating so much that I feel gross.
Whilst I am still a month down the line,  I know I have many more months to go to achieving my goal and I am finding the virtual gastric band and the aversion therapy’s to be an effective way to get to where I want to be.  I don’t feel that I’m on a “diet” and I don’t feel deprived; instead I feel like I am on my way to changing my eating habits for good.”.

S Donaldson

Virtual Gastric Band Review

“I saw Lynda earlier this year for the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy. My weight was a concern for me and I did not think I could lose weight via another “diet”.
Lynda’s program is a holistic approach that will be with me for life now. The hypnosis was totally effective as I immediately felt like my stomach was smaller. That combined with walking everyday and increased water intake – I have lost 10 kgs!
Of course, I feel so much better but equally I’m surprised that it was such an easy and effective process.
The power of the subconscious!
I’m very grateful for your expert support and guidance Lynda!.”

Siri Nicholas

Virtual Gastric Band Review

“I have had a lifetime of weight struggles and a few months ago I was at a loss for what to do next when I literally walked into Lynda on the beach. She gave me a voucher for a massage and I traded it in for a discount on the Virtual Gastric Band therapy. 4 weeks in and I have never found weight loss easier (7kg so far). The constant food dialogue in my head has all but disappeared and I feel really positive about getting rid of my excess weight once and for all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Shannon Dillon

Virtual Gastric Band Review

“I have struggled to lose weight for many years now but since seeing Lynda she has helped remove the mental block that was holding me back. Such an incredible shift in mindset all thanks to her! She creates a very safe and welcoming environment completely free from judgement. I would very much recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who was willing to give it go. I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for me now!.”

Alex Hunter

Virtual Gastric Band Review

“I have never eaten vegetables even as a child. I would either gag or dry reach. I hated it. So many times I would look at vegies and want to eat them but just couldn’t. After having my daughter I realized I needed to do something. I had 2 sessions with Lynda and and I now eat vegetables. Not all of them but its a start and I am loving that I can try them now. I would recommend hypnotherapy with Lynda Johnson, to anyone trying to overcome something.”

Tania B

Virtual Gastric Band Review

“I found the whole process of getting a virtual gastric band really interesting. I felt the effects from it the day after the first session and each subsequent session just built on it more and more.

I feel that it has changed the way I think about food and my eating habits completely. I now eat much smaller portions and don’t have any cravings or want to eat for the wrong reasons.

The weight loss has started and I believe will continue until I reach my goal weight.

Lynda is great to work with. She understands the issues around weight loss and works with you to overcome any challenges and give support.

She is an excellent hypnotherapist with a friendly, caring and supportive manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lynda and the virtual gastric band programme”


Virtual Gastric Band Review

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