Ten years ago Lynda Millar was living in the UK, commuting three hours a day and working in a high-powered IT/ Telecoms job. But then something happened that changed it all.

Many of us have those moments when we feel it’s time to shift something in our lives. For most of us though, it’s working out what it is and how to go about it that’s the problem.

At 29 years old and after speaking to a customer who was terminally ill with cancer, Lynda had her very own epiphany. She wanted to lead a fulfilling life and that meant doing something she loved.  So she sold up, left her job and after 18 months of travelling put the  wheels in motion to take her life in a very different direction.

“The part I’d loved most about my job was the teaching and training element and I also harboured a fascination with hypnotherapy, mind, body and soul. So when I returned home  to the UK I decided to bring together all those things and carve them into a future career,” she says.  Lynda trained in the UK in Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Massage and Reiki and 6 years ago set up her coaching and Holistic therapy and training businesses in Wellington. She now operates Thats Better Ltd and Life U Coach in Porirua.

“I fell in love with New Zealand on my travels – it just felt like home. Now I’m doing something I really love, have a beautiful 19 month old son, Jack, and a wedding in February next year to look forward to as well!”  Helping others uncover what they really want in life is Lynda’s passion. She provides Life Coaching and Business Coaching and a range of massage and self-development workshops, all designed to help people achieve their dreams and make positive changes in their lives.

“Life Coaching is a fantastic tool. Sometimes people can have difficulty with issues that stop them reaching their goals, so I use different techniques to help address things like procrastination, confidence, anxiety, anger, career/life changes, motivation, trauma, effective weight loss, fear and depression. Taking good care of yourself really is essential for leading a happy life.”

Contact Lynda on 021 510 378 or lynda@thatsbetter.co.nz to find out how she can help you get the best out of life.
Uncovering the Real You