That’s Better massage in Porirua offer a wide selection of massages. We have given the descriptions of the massages below as a guide but if you would like to combine a couple of the treatments, just ask us prior to the treatment and we can accomodate.

Indian head massage: $60, 45 mins

Indian Head MassageA beautiful treatment that involves massaging upper back, neck and shoulders and releasing tension from the scalp and completing with a face massage. Immediate benefits are that you will feel deeply relaxed and feel the stress and tension quickly ease away. Other benefits include improved circulation to the scalp and therefore promoting new hair growth, relieves stress & tension, improves fine lines & wrinkles, eases headaches and promotes general well-being.

Hot Stone, Back, Neck & Shoulder massage: $60 – 45 Mins

hotstonemassage_000002701151Medium[1]Don’t you wish that when you are getting a wonderful back massage that it would just go on that little bit longer. This amazing treatment combines a variety of massage styles with Hot Stone massage. The hot stones are ten times more effective than using hands as the heat enables the back muscles to fully relax, relieving aching muscles and stress. This therapeutic massage is ideal for those that would like to experience the benefits of the deep tissue massage without the pain.

Swedish massage: $75 – 60 mins

Swedish MassageA traditional therapeutic massage, aids in improving circulation, muscle tone, lymph flow and toxin release.

Aromatherapy Foot spa & Foot Massage $75 – 60 mins

194405_2562Relax your weary feet in this deliciously warm foot spa with de-stressing aromatherapy oils.

Complete this treatment with a foot massage that aids circulation and stimulates the mind, body and soul.

Excellent for those on their feet a-lot, pregnant ladies or just as a treat.

Chi Nei Tsang – $75       60 mins
(Recommend a course of 5 treatments)

chi nei TsangChi Nei Tsang treatments involve using a gentle, soft, and deep touch to the abdomen to coax and train the internal organs to work more efficiently and to deal with unprocessed emotional charges.

Chi Nei Tsang sessions include coaching in breathing, nutrition, visualization, and self-manipulation

Shiatsu: $75 60 mins

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi 90 mins – 4 hours. Prices from $130 – $260

lomi lomiThe “Rolls Royce of all massages”.A beautifully relaxing and yet invigorating full body massage using hot oil. Long flowing strokes from the shoulders to the toes.

Includes scalp, face, hands and feet.

As recommended in the Dominion Post & Capital Times.

HypnoMassage: 90 mins – $125

Massage Oil_000003768234Medium[1]Cocooned in warmth, smell the exotic oils.

Enter a deeper and deeper state of relaxation as Lynda guides you on a beautiful journey, inviting you to experience your hearts desire. Nurtured by the ebb and flow of the massage it will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Lastone Massage: $125 – 90 mins

hot and cold stone massageOne of the fastest growing massage techniques used in spas today. Uses a combination of hot and cold stones applied to the body in various ways. Brings relief to stiff, sore muscles.

Relieving acute and chronic problems.

Sacred stone massage $125 – 90 mins

hotstonegirl_000003076973Large[1]Lying on a warm bed of comfortable hot stones, the heat penetrates and relaxes your back whilst smooth, hot stones glide over your body and sooth all your aches and pains away. This healing massage will leave you deeply relaxed & energized for days.


Pregancy Massage – $75 1 hour

pregnancy massasge 3Relax and connect with your baby as we nurture your body with warm oil and ease those aching muscles from head to toe. As experienced mums we know all the places that need that extra special attention. We also have a selection of special relaxation and meditation CD’s for mums to be)