Karuna Reiki Healing

Reiki & Karuna® Healing: $75 Koha healing once a month and special pricing for pensioners & community services card holders).

(Recommend a full course of 4 treatments).

This gentle treatment is relaxing and will leave you re-charged and energised.Reiki is a form of vibrational healing that aids the receiver to heal physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is great for any physical aches, pains, conditions or dis-ease. Clients suffering from cancer often experience benefit from this gentle modality. It is fantastic for reducing stress from work, family and frequently brings greater clarity for emotional issues.

Crystal Reiki Massage: $75 – 60 mins

This gentle light clothed massage is deeply relaxing & healing. It combines Reiki and chakra balancing which treats the whole person physically, emotionally and mentally. Crystals are also used which aid in amplifying the healing on the chakras.