That’s Better Services

As a qualified practitioner in a range of holistic health treatments. I can help and assist you to get the results you are wanting. To return to the path of wellness as quickly as possible. Your general health and general well being can be affected by so many areas of life. Physical pain can affect your emotional well being and vice versa. Prolonged pain and suffering can not only affect you emotionally but also your mental well-being. We address your issues holistically and give you the tools to assist and empower you so that you can manage your own health effectively and continue along the path of wellness when you return home.

Here is a list of our treatment services as a guide. If you would like a 1 hour session integrating a variety of treatments, we will do our best to tailor a treatment to your exact requirements.

We also have a sister company that provides the Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner courses in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand.
We believe everyone should have access to healthcare and therefore we also offer payment options, discounts for Gold Card, community services and children.


*Disclaimer: Outcomes can vary on an individual basis, as a professional therapist and Limited Company we are not legally allowed to guarantee, or suggest permanent, life long changes.