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Reiki Level 2

Reiki Training Level 2

Duration: 2 Days

 (Includes refreshments, detailed course manual and certification)  

Reiki Training – Level 2 Course Objectives

Reiki Training

Reiki Master – Lynda Johnson

By now you will already have taken your Reiki First Degree in the Usui method of hands on healing, and you are excited about advancing your skills to the next level.

Reiki training at level 2, enables you to further hone your skills on people other than close friends and family.  You will learn the sacred symbols for distance healing. You will learn how to increase the power of reiki and also learn how reiki can assist with bringing clarity to situations that maybe bothering you, it can help healing negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs. Reiki can assist clarify mental issues as well as bring emotional healing.

If you are wanting to advance your skills further you can now work professionally as a Reiki healer in New Zealand.

 Reiki Training – Level 2

Reiki Training – Level 2 Day 1

  •      Introductions
  •      Group share of experiences
  •      Practical – chakra cleansing meditation
  •      Refresher on reiki level 1
  •      Chakras/scanning techniques
  •      Practical; Gassho meditation
  •      Gyoshi ho; using the eyes to send Reiki
  •      Byosen Scanning; locate areas that need    healing
  •      Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho; Releasing negative energy
  •      Practical; scanning & beaming practice
  •      Reiki second degree attunement
  •      Meeting your spirit guide meditation
  •      Introduction to Usui 2nd degree symbols
  •      The power symbol
  •      The mental/emotional symbol
  •      The distance healing symbol
  •      Koki-ho; use of healing breath
  •      Practical; distance healing & symbols
  •      Healing unwanted habits
  •      Empowering goals
  •      Practical: Time line therapy with Reiki

Reiki Training – Level 2 Day 2

  •      Group share
  •      Practical; Toning & Bijas Mantras
  •      Practical; brain balancing
  •      Practical; healing session
  •      Why have a healing contract?
  •      Affirmations (dynamind technique)
  •      Identifying stored emotions in the  chakras
  •      Practical: Chiryo; using your healing intuition
  •      Practical; micro~cosmit orbit meditation
  •      Taking care of yourself (opening/closing)
  •      Kenyoku; grounding meditation/self healing
  •      Group share

For more information about your reiki teacher/master please follow this link to lynda.

If you would like to enroll on one of these courses please contact lynda@thatsbetter.co.nz or call 0800 26 2248

These courses can also be provided 1-1 on request for $400 a day.


11-12 March Kapiti Coast, Wellington Eventbrite - Reiki Course Level 2 & ART 3a Masters