Lynda Millar (Johnson) – Reiki & Karuna Reiki Teacher, Wellington

My Reiki Journey began shortly after I graduated in 1994. I went straight from University into selling computer telephony integration. Whilst this was quite a technical role, I still had a keen interest in the metaphysical and I was reading a book called “Celestine Prophecy”. It was a story based on the nine insights into the meaning of life, and one of these insights was that co-incidences were not just co-incidences that they happened for a reason.  So, the next time a co-incidence happened I was aware that I should pay more attention as to what this may mean for me.

Shortly after reading that book I kept bumping into people that were practitioners of Reiki. I was surprised that these people could not really define and explain what Reiki was and how it worked. In-fact I became more interested as I noticed a-lot of uncomfortable and embarrassment in peoples body language around the subject and words banded around like “chakras” which weren’t really explained to me. Curious, after these unusual discussions as I still had no idea what this “Reiki” was all about I decided at this point that it was the universe trying to tell me something and maybe I should go and have a Reiki healing session.

My first Reiki healing experience was incredible. The lady again didn’t tell me anything about what would happen during the session, what I may experience. So, I just lay on the table fully clothed and waited expectantly. (I was a little disappointed at this point because I thought I may get a massage, but I peeked out of my eyes and noticed she had her hands over my body.) I was a little surprised and felt a little silly, but then I relaxed and played a game to myself.  I tried to guess where the practitioner’s hands were and used the sensations in my body and heat at certain points as a guide. Every time I peeked,  I had guessed correctly. It was weird as well as I noticed that sometimes I thought her hands were still at certain points as I could still feel heat there but I was feeling sensations in other areas of my body. I also noticed swirling colours in my minds eyes, that kept changing every-time the practitioner moved her hands to different parts of my body. Finally, when the session ended I asked her what she had felt during the session. She said she had felt a-lot of energy and heat in certain areas and the two places she highlighted were all in the same places I had felt like I received a lot of energy. I mentioned the colours and she said some people did indeed see colours. I left the session puzzled and I wondered about the colours. I picked up a leaflet to take home with me that told me more about Reiki and as I read it walking home, my mouth dropped as I began to understand that the colours I had been seeing were in exactly the same colour as the chakras and I saw the colours in exactly the same order as the Chakras.

Totally, sold I then completed my Reiki Level 1 and I have to say it was the most magical out of all my Reiki Levels. Maybe, because it was all so new, and feeling and exploring this new energy was amazing. Prior to taking Reiki, I had actually thought I was quite a normal, well functioning person. During my 21 days of healing, well all sorts of things came up and I had a lot of nightmares taking me back to childhood traumas. Although at the time it was quite difficult, it allowed me to truly feel the emotions that I had blocked off at that time in my life. I hadn’t allowed myself to feel the hurt, anger or disappointment. Having the Reiki healing allowed my body physically and emotionally to release these trapped emotions. It was a huge healing time for me and it allowed me to really heal, understand and forgive.

It took me 3 years before I took my Reiki Level 2, I had been a little fearful of the power of Reiki and I owe the continuation of my journey to a good friend of mine. Unfortunately though not under the best circumstances! She went on holiday, fell over and hit her head, she had brain damage and spent two months in a hospital in Turkey and we were told she would never recover again, or be able to work. I was told she couldn’t remember anyone, she was confused and she didn’t want any contact. I decided after a month or so to ignore the advice of her best friend and that I would call her as we had connected so well and she too had been interested in healing, crystals and angels. I knew at some level she would be interested in healing herself if she could. I gently reminded her of this and what she had been interested in and expressed that if she wanted I could send a teacher around to her house to give her a reiki level 1 attunement and then she could heal herself at home in her own time. She jumped at the opportunity and within days the teacher came to her house to show her the Reiki hand positions and then she could call me if she wanted me to come over and do some healing with her.  Within a week she was on the phone asking me come over, within 3 months friends, doctors and family members were amazed at her recovery. Within 6 months she was back working doing a harder job than she had been doing prior to the accident and within 12 months she was embracing her fears and meeting and challenging them all. I cry I am writing this, and I still cry eleven years after this event as I tell this story to my Reiki students in class. I can’t help but feel the tears of gratitude and amazement at how Reiki transformed her life and mine. It has had such a profound effect on my life.  I offered to gift her Reiki Level 2 and we both took the next part of our reiki journey together.

I was inspired and very much wanted to share this wonderful technique with others. After studying with several Reiki masters, I have been teaching for over 7 years now and I am still amazing at the healing power of reiki and how it heals at every level and how it connects people more to their spiritual side and development. I’ve seen people cured of chronic pain and with physical issues to fully recover and become pain free, emotionally I’ve seen how Reiki has helped people.  I have had wonderful students who have shared their healing stories to me that reaffirm to me the healing power of Reiki. There are so many healing modalities available today that you can learn and I think it is wonderful when you begin this journey that there are so many wonderful opportunities to grow and learn more. I find many teachers who encounter other forms of healing and frequently I hear them say this modality is better or stronger than Reiki. I still keep coming back though to nothing is better or stronger it just can be experienced differently!  As our tastes change throughout our lives, we are attracted to different vibrations and if we go within we will know what is right for us and what our souls need to heal.

Reiki is such a beautiful and magical healing treatment.  I have so much gratitude to how it has helped and changed my life as well as those around me. When I look back now, Reiki helped me to heal and become more self aware and to literally turn my life upside down and around but with a gentleness, trust and faith that I was completely on the right track. I went from earning lots of money working within IT/Telecoms to selling my house, car, travelling alone internationally, re-training and then moving country and having the faith and trust to set up my own health & wellness business focusing on holistic healing training.

Thank you to all Reiki teachers and practitioners for giving your time and energy and sharing all your amazing gifts. You are doing amazing work.