Lynda Johnson – A personal history

Being happy and being true to your self is something Lynda Johnson is very passionate about. Lynda a successful business woman began her career in Telecoms/IT managing a range of Blue Chip Companies and Resellers.  “I was really happy with my job and I earnt fantastic money, however it was quite consuming and gave me little time for my hobbies. When I met a man who had terminal cancer and was still stuck in his corporate life, I had an epiphany and realised that I had very much more to offer life and that working in a corporate was not the life for me. With that realisation I sold my house, car and went back packing  for 18 month and loved every minute of it. “People thought I was mad to give up a good job and take off on a dream. Having the guts to do it made a lot of people reflect about their own lives. Change can be amazing and not something to fear” .

When I arrived in NZ I loved everything about it and it felt like home. I decided to re-train in the UK with the intention of coming back and setting up my own Coaching and Holistic Therapy Training business”

Thats Better Ltd (Previously Holistc Health Ltd) has now been successfully operating for Since 2006 in NZ and offers training in a range of high quality massage & self development courses including the popular Indian Head Massage 1 day workshop, Life U Coach Seminars, Hot Stone Massage, Hawaiian Massage and Reiki Courses.

I really enjoy what I do as I appreciate and understand everyone is very different. Often if someone is suffering physically it can have effect on the emotions and be mentally draining and vice-versa. When I meet someone we spend some time chatting about what they want and what they feel is holding them back. Because I work holistically, often a session may involve a combination of therapies.  For example, someone who is mentally stressed and cannot think straight it can be good to spend 20 mins first teaching breath work, meditation or having an Indian Head Massage then they feel in a better space to talk through some of their issues.  Life Coaching in itself is great for dealing with and giving tools and techniques that help with confidence , anxiety, career/life changes, motivation, trauma, fear’s, depression and with the other experience.

Seeking balance in her own life, Lynda offers 1-1 consultations and focuses her energies on her training courses so she can spend time  with her family and looking after her young son Jack.

She initially embarked on her holistic training in 1997 as part of her own self development and interests. She is highly qualified and has been trained internationally having a business degree and diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP Master,  Cert Adult Education, ITEC Holistic Massage, Reiki Master and more.

Lynda says that the courses attracts a lot of interest from professionals such as massage and beauty therapists and many hairdressers also attend the course. The courses are also really good though for couples to do together or people wanting to learn the skills for family and friends.  Lynda suggests that taking good care of yourself is essential. Life Coaching and Massage is not a luxury and it is something that every “body” needs on a regular weekly basis. Life Coaching mentally helps you to keep focused and on your goals and massage physically helps to improve circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles and organs. It helps the body to release excess toxins, lowers blood pressure and aids lymph flow around the body. It also improves the tone of skin and can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. On and emotional level it reduces anxiety, stress and improves general wellbeing.

If you are curious about Life Coaching, call to see if you qualify for a free session.