Lomi Lomi Level 3 Training

Lomi-Lomi Level 3 Course Overview

At level 3 you will now be comfortable with your skills as a lomi-lomi practitioner and you will be ready to learn some advanced techniques to compliment your skills set.

  • Heart Opening Initiation attunement.
  • Deeper tissue work, using the elbows for release work
  • Advanced joint manipulations
  • Pregancy Massage
  • Two Practitioner Massage
  • Stomach and Facial massage
  • Dynamind Technique
  • Two Hour Lomi-Lomi Massage

In addition you will learn and discover:


  • Discover the limitations that are holding you back from creating the changes in your life
  • Clarify your values and beliefs so you can make changes within your life
  • Techniques to reduce negative thinking
  • Create more love and abundance in your life
  • Increase your intuition
  • Learn to change unwanted negative behaviours, feelings and responses

Sorry,  we have no level 3 courses scheduled for 2020. Please contact us to lodge your interest so we can let you know when we next run a  Level 3 course or we can arrange 1-1.