LifeuCoach – Personal Transformation & Self Development Course

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Personal Transformation & Self Development Course

The LifeuCoach course can help clarify, inspire and motivate you to make the changes you want in your life. It can give you the support you need which can help to keep you motivated to achieve these goals.

LifeuCoach will teach you some of the latest, innovative tools and techniques in the industry that can help you to make the most of life. It can provide life long skills that can assist you with increasing motivation, energy, passion and confidence.

You can build a successful, healthier, happier and balanced lifestyle in every aspect of your life. From career and finances to fulfilling your personal goals.

What are the benefits & results of the LifeuCoach program

If you want to redirect your life and live a life less ordinary this is the course designed for you.

These sessions can support you and challenge you to live an extraordinary life.

You will develop knowledge,skills, NLP & Self Hypnosis techniques and self development in the areas of:-


Improved self awareness


Create a compelling future & achieve your dreams


Reduce negative thought & behavior patterns


Believing in yourself


Create balance & live a bigger, more interesting life


Understand the principles of success and happiness


Dramatically improve your confidence


Working with your subconscious to manifest your dreams


Create lasting changes

Location & times of the LifeuCoach programme

The LifeuCoach programme is an 16 x 1 hour session course, held at That’s Better in Wellington, NZ. These sessions are also available by skype.


  1. What would you most like to change the most?
  2. What will your life be like if you continue the way you are without changing?
  3. How much time are you willing to commit to make these changes in your life?

This course is a financial commitment as well as a time commitment. Courses are priced so that they can easily fit into most people’s budgets, so that you can learn a-lot of the life changing skills and techniques taught in the 1-1 sessions without having to pay the hefty price tag.

Students are selected and awarded a place based on answering the above three questions and full payment of the course cost of $1,600.00 (including GST)

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LifeuCoach Course Overview

Each session includes a motivational informative presentation, new techniques to support you in your growth, and self- evaluation time. You will be provided with a course work book outlining personal growth exercises, techniques and tools discussed and demonstrated on the course.

Session 1 & 2. Creating a Compelling Future.

  • Life Style Audit (Assessing the present)
  • Building Stronger Foundations
  • earn to exude more self confidence
  • he power of listening
  • educe negative thought patterns

Session 3 & 4 The power of positive thinking

  • Developing a positive mental attitude.
  • Learn how thoughts effect the body
  • Recognizing your inner coach
  • Develop great self confidence in any situation
  • Learn to change negative behavior patterns

Session 5 & 6 Understanding your Core Beliefs & Values

  • Identifying core beliefs & Values
  • Understanding how your role models have shaped your life
  • Honouring your values
  • Dealing with limiting beliefs
  • Identifying limiting behavior patterns
  • De-Junk and understand your core values & principles

Session 7 & 8. Creating and manifesting your Vision

  • Understanding your sub-conscious and how it can help you manifest your dreams
  • Create a vision board and mind map
  • Mind techniques to create your reality
  • Being accountable to creating the changes you

Session 9 & 10. Goal Setting

  • Creating your Goals
  • Understanding your priorities
  • Getting real and making goals a reality
  • Using the SMART model
  • Minimizing internal conflict, (listening & switching off your inner voice)
  • Change your emotional state easily

Session 11 & 12. Understand your reality & change it.

  • Understanding change
  • Learn “The Secret” to achieving your dreams
  • Cultivate and create a winning attitude
  • Techniques to change your perception of reality for the past/present and future.

Session 13 & 14. Healthy mind – Healthy Body.

  • The secrets to good health
  • Creating great eating habits
  • Techniques to create a healthy body and healthy mind
  • Breathwork & relaxation techniques
  • Get motivated to create the body you want

Session 15 & 16 Self Transformation – Creating Lasting Change

  • Learn powerful techniques to create lasting change
  • Transform your inner core
  • Change your perception of the past & create the future of your dreams with time line therapy.

Lynda Johnson, IANLP

You are in safe hands. I have been trained by some of the world’s leading hypnotherapists and NLP Master Trainers. I am a Master Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer and have trained in multiple modalities over a period of 20 years. I run a full-time practice because I love working with clients like you. I also teach these skills to other therapists and the mind has been an interest of mine since my teenage years. 

I do understand your struggles and I have been there myself. When I had trained with Shiela Granger,  I experienced first hand hypnotherapy for weight loss. I was surprised how motivated I was to exercise and I certainly have never been a runner and was surprised at the new levels of motivation to exercise.  I was really excited to see the changes on my body and I lost the 5kg that I wanted to lose. I am committed to do the same for you, so you can achieve your goals.