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Indian Head Massage reviews

Indian Head Massage reviews

Indian Head Massage Student Feedback – All students have to complete a feedback form where they share their opinions of the course. You can also find more current reviews by checking out our facebook site for more up to date testimonials

We had a great time and for three days after the Indian Head Massage course, I realized how relaxed it made me feel. Doing the course together, we now both have the knowledge on how to do the head massage correctly and we will be able to use it when we have those “stressful days”.  We found Lynda’s instructions and knowledge of Indian Head Massage were fantastic, and we had a good laugh when doing the practical recap at the end of the day” Tonia, 2011

“It’s not normally something I would involve myself with but the Indian Head Massage Course, was a really good experience and something you could use anytime/anywhere. It was definitely a good thing to do with your partner”  Following the Indian Head Masssage my hair had never felt so good in years from the oils, and i really enjoyed the day as it was something really different that we could do together. James, 2011

“Indian Head Massage Course – Highly recommend – I really liked the atmosphere lynda created. The way it flowed and the practical experience. I came away with a great sense of receiving and providing Indian Head Massage. Lynda is an excellent teacher. Atmosphere was relaxed. Time goes quickly, never bored. Fantastic” Jo Halkett, 6th Nov 2011

“Lynda is a fantastic instructor. I felt very comfortable and really appreciated her empathetic and positive approach to teaching.” M Simpson, 6th Nov 2011

“I feel very confident walking away from the course armed with all the tools and knowledge to perform a relaxing and healing Indian head massage. It was a fun day, great /atmosphere and beautifully delivered by Lynda” Pip, Hairdresser, 17th Apr 2011

“Absolutely beautiful experience, shared by like minded people” Michelle Ryan, 17th Apr 2011

“Lynda is a lovely lady and made everyone feel welcome, I really enjoyed all the time to practice to this routine and loved it” Jessie Mansfield, Hairdreser, 17th Apr 2011

The course was great! For someone who hasn’t done much massage I found the way it was taught made it easy to learn. I liked the way that it was taught in stages, so that you got to see how it was done, and then tried it ourselves with assistance from Lynda. At first I wasn’t very confident, but by the time I finished I was very confident and really enjoyed the course. The notes are great and make it easy to remember. I went straight home and tried it on my partner and he loved it” S Thompson, July 2009

A wonderful course, conducted in a friendly and positive atmosphere by a wonderful coach! made learning an absolute pleasure” Donna Malneek 17th Apr 2011

“Lynda showed her in-depth knowledge of the subject. She is passionate about her subject and loves to share her knowledge and skills to her students. The class was  interesting and informative with plenty of time allowed to practice our new skill.
The environment was very pleasant and relaxing and I would definitely recommend Lynda’s teaching of Indian Head Massage “
B Gallagher, July 2009

“Keep up the good work, we need people like you. Really enjoyed the Iindian Head Massage course and learnt a lot and I will easily be able to incorporate it into my business” Mandy, Jan 2008

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