Indian Head Massage Course Objectives

Massage Oil_000003768234Medium[1]This one day, Indian head massage course will provide you with the theoretical and practical experience of how to provide a full 30-60 minute Indian Head Massage including back, neck, shoulder, scalp and face.

You will learn and practice over 40 different massage techniques, acupressure points and scalp manipulations.

The structure of the course is such that it has a-lot of practical and you will not be overwhelmed with anatomy & physiology, neither do I use technical terms. This results in a very blissful, enjoyable and relaxing day. I have designed this course so that it attracts professionals as well as couples, families, friends.

This course is ideal for professional beauty therapists, massage therapists, hair dressers and anyone who wishes to refresh or enhance their existing techniques and skills.

We also welcome couples and anyone who would like to like to learn a new skill to provide to their partner, friends and family.




Course Overview

  • History of and introduction to Indian Head Massage
  • Introduction to the chakra system
  • The use of oils for massage
  • Full Demonstration
  • Demo & Practical of Back Massage
  • Demo & Practical of Scalp Massage
  • Demo & Practical of Face Massage

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