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Indian Head Massage Training

Indian Head Massage Training NZ – Wellington

Indian Head Massage Training NZ Wellington

Indian Head Massage NZ – Wellington

 What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian head massage training is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.  Indian head massage provided families with relaxation and healing on a daily basis, as well as playing a part in rituals such as weddings and births, not to mention everyday events like a trip to the barber. It works by releasing the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Traditionally Indian Head massage was traditionally provided within families, on street corners and markets. More recently, Indian Head Massage can found more in barber shops.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

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There are many benefits to recieving as well as giving an Indian Head Massage. It is a great way to connect families and to feel more connected. Other benefits of Indian Head Massage include:

Relieves tension & stress

Clears headaches and migraines

Reduces fine lines and tones facial muscles

Improves circulation and hair condition

Can aid hair re-growth


Do you want to learn Indian Head Massage ? We offer a one day class. There are no pre-requisites and all are welcome. Couples and families are welcome also.

Indian Head Massage reviews

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Indian Head Massage Course – Kapiti -Thats Better

Highly recommend, very thorough and I feel very confident in being able to provide this massage. Lynda was very encouraging and gave excellent feedback – Tanya Thompson 2015

Indian Head Massage Course – Kapiti – That’s Better

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take this course. Not only did I learn a new technique, I learnt how to connect with love and from the heart. I learnt more than just new skills and knowledge. I learnt the importance of love and warmth – Mikako Kimura – 2015

Indian Head Massage – Porirua – That’s Better

My expectations were met and I will be booking in for an Indian Head Massage myself. Keep up the good work lynda, we need people like you. I really enjoyed the course, and found all aspects were great. I learnt alot and I will be able to apply and incorporate this into my business. – Mandy – 2008

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