Lynda Johnson, IANLP

Lynda is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 10 years Hypnotherapy, coaching and holistic therapy experience. Lynda was trained in the UK with international author/speaker and leading Master Hypnotherapist/NLP Coach Phil Parker, Rob Kelly , Sheila Granger and more recently with Alpha Hypnosis NZ Roger Saxelby.  Lynda educates and facilitates a range of holistic health courses and is a Weight Loss Specialist and Hypnobirthing facilitator.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy or the trance state of Hypnosis has been well researched and can be helpful, safe and *effective in many cases treating a wide range of conditions. 

Hypnotherapy, also referred to as Hypnosis can be seen as ‘a waking state of awareness, (or consciousness), in which a person’s attention is detached from his or her immediate environment and is absorbed by inner experiences such as feelings, cognition and imagery’. It is when a client goes into a hypnotic trance. 

Hypnosis is usually a relaxing experience, which can be very useful with a patient who is tense or anxious. However, the main usefulness of the hypnotic state is the increased effectiveness of suggestion and access to mind/body links or unconscious processing. 

Hypnotherapy has been used for centuries, early documents even prior to the introduction of Hospitals and it has a robust scientific framework. Clinical research has shown that it can help relieve pain and anxiety and aid smoking cessationweight loss, and sleep. It can help children and adolescents better regulate their feelings and behaviors. Some people can even use “self-hypnosis” to manage stress, cope with life’s challenges, and improve their physical and emotional health.

Hypnosis could also be seen as a meditative state, that is more goal focused which one can learn to access consciously and deliberately, for a therapeutic purpose. Suggestions are then given either verbally or using imagery, directed at the desired outcome.