Hypnotherapy for weight loss and the Virtual Gastric Band – Lynda Johnson

Hypnotherapy for weight loss was something that I never had considered for myself, until I did the Sheila Granger “Virtual Gastric Band training” in 2004. I volunteered to be a guinea pig on the Virtual Gastric Band course and subsequently spent some time in practice with another Hypnotherapist in the city.

Hypnotherapy for motivation and weight loss

Hypnotherapy for motivation and weight loss

Weight loss with hypnotherapy has been really easy. What has surprised me even more is the changes in my motivation to exercise with hypnotherapy. Suddenly, I am running the first 5K I have ever run in my life, entering into running events and in less than 6 months running a half marathon.

Prior to the virtual gastric band, I was 15kg over my ideal weight and hated going to the gym or doing “exercise”. I hated exercise and made excuses because I felt embarrassed about my “boobs” being too big. When I had “tried” running I had to go to places were people wouldn’t see me. I didn’t like people looking at me.

It’s funny, that even as a hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy still surprises me in so many ways. During the session I felt aware at many times and like most of my current clients had a fear if this would actually work for me. Especially when you’ve tried diets, ad hoc “Phases” of trying to go to the gym. I resigned myself into thinking and believing that losing weight is just something I couldn’t do, it seemed too hard and unachievable I was scared that as I got older I would keep putting on weight.

The virtual gastric band program was great, it has helped me eat and be satisfied with much smaller amounts of food. It has released many fears and also changed my habits and desire for certain snack foods.

2015-05-31 10.18.53So, 9 months later I am 7 kg lighter, I have completed my first 21k, half marathon. I have now completed 5 running events this year, as well as Park runs. The most surprising thing for me though is the motivation and desire for exercise and the improvements to eat more healthily. Each week, I find new ways to manage my health better and I know that consistent daily efforts will result in changes in my body shape. What has surprised me the most is that the inches have fallen off and I can physically see the changes and increased tone to my body. I am noticing that I don’t mind seeing my full body shape in photos. The scales haven’t shifted as quickly as I would have liked, (I would have loved to have lost the weight over night!). My daily mantra is “consistent daily action to health”, “What am I doing for my health today”. I know I got myself into this situation, and the steady weight gain over the years, will result in steady weigh loss if I continue to take healthy actions. It’s also been fun, do some fun events with family too.

I see plenty of slim, toned women in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and I now believe I can be one of those woman.

I trained as a Hypnotherapist in 2003 in the UK, with leading hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner Phil Parker and Rob Kelly. The virtual gastric band program is the most effective program I have used for successful and long term weight loss.Hypnotherapy for weight loss and motivation to exercise definitely works and it is great to successfully help other people make their weight loss dreams come true with the Virtual Gastric Band program.

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