What is Hypnotherapy?

Not just a smoker who is constantly resisting cigarettes!!

Hypnosis has been well researched and can be helpful, safe and *effective in many cases treating a wide range of conditions.

It’s a similar feeling to if you have ever driven a car or bike to a familiar place and you zone out and suddenly find you’ve arrived but couldn’t remember the journey as you’ve gone on auto-pilot.

Another example, is when you have zoned out watching the TV or find yourself day dreaming. This essentially is the trance like state that we utilise to access your mind to aid with the fast changes that we do through NLP and using hypnosis aid’s relaxation and helps to gain a deeper access into the sub-conscious mind.

You will be completely aware of what is going on around you and often I use a number of tools and therapies during the session to achieve successful results.

"Hypnotherapy has worked successfully"

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective tool used to assist many physical, emotional or mind challenges.

Hypnotherapy has worked successfully in the following cases:

  • Confidence – Anxiety – Pubic Speaking – Presentation Skills
  • Stress & Signs of Stress – Anxiousness – Fears – Nail Biting – Hair pulling- Depression – Sleep
  • Phobias – Fear of Flying – Claustrophobia
  • Emotions & Behavioral Issues – Abuse – Anger – Addictions – Procrastination- OCD – Self – Believe and Self Love – Trauma Recovery -Motivation – Performance
  • Physical Issues – Anxiety Stress Compulsions  – Health concerns – Childbirth – Pain Management – Recovery from Surgery
  • Relationship Issues: Heart Break – Grief – Jealousy – Obsession
How many sessions will I need?
There isn’t a set amount of sessions, particularly if some issues have stretched through a lifetime. Every person is unique, however many sessions are often between 1 to 6 sessions that help to bring the results you want.

In some cases additional regular coaching sessions will help you achieve your goals.

How long are the sessions?

First Session – 2 Hours

Follow up sessions – 60-90 minutes

About Lynda Johnson

Lynda is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 10 years Hypnotherapy, coaching and holistic therapy experience. Lynda was trained in the UK with international author/speaker and leading Master Hypnotherapist/NLP Coach Phil Parker, Rob Kelly , Sheila Granger and more recently with Alpha Hypnosis NZ Roger Saxelby.  Lynda educates and facilitates a range of holistic health courses and is a Weight Loss Specialist and Hypnobirthing facilitator.

*Disclaimer, whilst we aim to provide a 100% commitment helping you achieve the outcome you want. Outcomes can vary on an individual basis, whilst many clients following the guidelines have achieved high success with Hypnotherapy this is not a guarantee that all clients achieve these results.

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