What’s it like receiving a Hot Stone Massage?

The most important consideration is to ensure that you choose to have a hot stone massage performed by a well-trained and skilled hot stone therapist is probably one of the most amazing massages you will ever experience.

Ideally the skilled hot stone massage therapist will place a comfortable bed of hot stones for you to lie on. The best hot stone massage will use smooth basalt stones, as these stones hold the temperature a lot longer and therefore enable the therapist to give a longer and more flowing massage.  The warmth of the spinal stones deeply penetrates the back muscles giving a more relaxing and therapeutic experience.  This also has the added benefit that the back will be warmed up when you turn over, therefore allowing a deeper back massage into all those muscles that need the extra work? Amazing results without the pain of a deep tissue massage. Sounds great doesn’t it?


Whilst the back of your body is being heated by the stones the front of your body is getting massaged with smooth hot stones. Additional volcanic, smooth stones are then placed on different parts of your body; (These parts of our body are called the energy points (chakras) for these areas also need to feel the warmth and be healed.)

Pre-heated volcanic stones are then placed under the palms of your hands. (It feels like having your hand held by a loved one, and toe stones can also be placed in between each toe, which is surprisingly a great feeling.)

There are many therapeutic benefits of a hot stone massage as well as improving your general well-being and feeling totally nurtured as your muscles melt as the warmth cocoons your body.

It’s like lying on a warm beach with the sun caressing your body and feeling totally relaxed and contented.

Choosing a Hot Stone Massage Therapist

Ensuring you get the right hot stone massage therapist can make this experience either a great experience or one of your worst!   Again, there is a big difference between a therapist using random stones picked from the local beach and warmed in clunky, crock pot in comparison to a skilled hot stone therapist. 

Basalt Stones

Basalt stones are the best stones to use as they retain the heat for longer periods, therefore helping to keep the massage flowing, without having to keep swapping the stones which can make the massage disjointed. A skilled therapist will be able to ensure that stones are seamlessly changed.  making sure the temperature is just right will change how you perceive hot stone massage for the rest of your life. It is my favourite massage so do make sure you choose wisely to make it yours.



Professional Hot Stone training

Do check if the therapist has been professionally trained and how many years they have been practicing.  A great hot stone massage cannot be learnt from a DVD. It can take many years to refine and deliver a great hot stone massage.

Professional Hot Stone Heaters

Basalt stones should be pre-heated in a controlled professional spa heater with water that enables the temperature to responsively be changed to adapt to the sometimes changing requirements of customer’s.  For example, the back can take more heat than other more sensitive parts of the body.

Crock pots or skillets are not as responsive when an increase or decrease in heat is required. Crock pots in particular can be quite noisy which often disturbs your peace.


A good therapist will be able to provide you a list of customer testimonials as they care about what their customers think of them.