Lomi lomi massage originates from Hawaii and was delivered by a kahuna (master/keeper of secrets). Lomi Lomi or Kahuna Massage as it’s often known as in Asia, is an experience that will stay within your heart and mind forever.  Personally, I have found very few massage styles are taught to heal body, mind and soul holistically and as nurturing as the Lomi Lomi massage. Hawaiian Lomi lomi is massage that is connected, healing and a loving massage delivered from the heart. It is a totally unique and nurturing experience for your clients.  This ancient healing massage style is called Lomi Lomi (otherwise often known in Australia as Kahuna massage) and it truly incorporates the traditional spiritual aspects of Reiki and is delightful to receive.

The patient is given vital healing force energy through the touch of the healer’s hands, (Laulima healing) while suggestion is made and is then transferred to the client.

The style is recognized by its long flowing strokes, both over and under the body simultaneously, with flowing hula, tai-chi style movements and incorporating the huna breath. It is a deeply connected and loving massage which has the ability to heal at many levels. It can be offered either as a deep tissue, invigorating or relaxing massage.

Warm oil is poured over the entire body and observing the lomi lomi massage therapist as she works is almost like watching a dance as the wave like movements move over, under and around the clients body. Most of the client’s body is exposed, yet a sarong is used to maintain modesty. This allows for uninterrupted long flowing strokes in a continuous dance-like motion over the entire body.

Traditionally, lomi lomi massage was part of the Hawaiian Rites of Passage as it is thought to be both transformational and healing.  Often young boys/girls when receiving the massage would receive visions of what they would do with their future life.

Lomi Lomi is by far not another massage technique.  Giving and receiving the massage is to be honored and a sacred journey of healing.  Hawaiian spirituality and the Huna philosophies, teaches new tools and techniques that will positively expand your clients and your own personal development both physically, mentally and spiritually.

As a Reiki practitioner and healer, I find that I incorporate healing into many aspects of my work. It is natural to do this as healing works holistically on many levels and is particularly wonderful when incorporated into a lomi lomi massage.

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