Winter Ills

It’s Autumn…Touch wood it’s still fairly mild after an amazing summer, but we all know what’s around the corner…I’m not even going to say it; that ‘W’ word.

Flu injection season! Do you want a more natural solution to winter flu, coughs and colds?

Homeopathy can provide fantastic results in these conditions and is a great alternative to the flu injection and anti-biotics and chemical alternatives.

The common cold in particular is one of those annoying illnesses we see around this time, and one that often we cannot do much about.

We can use Homeopathy in a therapeutic way here, while still adhering to the principle of individualisation.

Think about the symptoms you suffer from when you get a cold…Now think of someone else close to you and the symptoms they suffer from (unfortunately the ‘man flu’ often springs to mind here!)  The difference in symptoms is often quite obvious.

Homeopaths have many cold/flu remedies stashed away in our repertoire, and one of these could be prescribed to help you get through your illness.  Again, they are prescribed according to your symptoms; for example, you may be prescribed with Bryonia but your partner may be prescribed with Gelsemium and your child with Aconite.  They are all fantastic cold remedies, and you all have ‘fantastic’ colds, but your symptoms are all different and require the action of different remedies.


Sore throats are another illness that we see often at this time of the year, and again there is not much we can do to move them on.  Again, a remedy can be prescribed on your individual symptoms to help your body over the worst of the condition.


Another aspect of winter that we see is the recurrence of childrens conditions.

Often a child will suffer several chest infections, colds or ear aches over the colder months.

Aside from treating these conditions as they arise, Homeopathy can help treat the childs overall health and help to keep these conditions from recurring in the future.  We can help strengthen a childs constitution and allow them to go through these months without suffering from the often upsetting symptoms that these conditions produce.

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