The uses of homeopathy for childrens health care and well-being are endless!

Asthma, coughs, colds, croup, chicken pox, sore throats, teething and gastro intestinal complaints are only some of the conditions that I have seen treated with Homeopathy; a lot of that being on my only children!

Children are often very good at ‘doing’ illness.  They can throw fantastic fevers, have great pain, and be very good at resting when unwell.  Children suffer illness without masking their symptoms as adults can, and often parents/caregivers are well aware when their children are unwell.

A major principle of Homeopathy is that all patients are treated on an individualised basis depending on their symptom picture; because of this, children can respond very well to homeopathy especially in acute situations.

If you have more than one child, it is likely that you have noticed that although they may have the same ‘illness’, they may not have the same symptoms.  Think about the common cold…Some kids get snotty and lethargic; others will throw bright, red, hot fevers and get a chill; others may be restless.

This individualised prescription means that the child is being treated, not their disease.

Along with the treatment of fast acting, acute conditions, homeopathy can be very useful in treating recurring illness or long-standing conditions, and can help children improve their constitution to lessen the occurrence of illness altogether.

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