Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss – Lynda Johnson

Hypnotherapy for weight loss and the Virtual Gastric Band – Lynda Johnson

Hypnotherapy for weight loss was something that I never had considered for myself, until I did the Sheila Granger “Virtual Gastric Band training” in 2004. I volunteered to be a guinea pig on the Virtual Gastric Band course and subsequently spent some time in practice with another Hypnotherapist in the city.

Hypnotherapy for motivation and weight loss

Hypnotherapy for motivation and weight loss

Weight loss with hypnotherapy has been really easy. What has surprised me even more is the changes in my motivation to exercise with hypnotherapy. Suddenly, I am running the first 5K I have ever run in my life, entering into running events and in less than 6 months running a half marathon.

Prior to the virtual gastric band, I was 15kg over my ideal weight and hated going to the gym or doing “exercise”. I hated exercise and made excuses because I felt embarrassed about my “boobs” being too big. When I had “tried” running I had to go to places were people wouldn’t see me. I didn’t like people looking at me.

It’s funny, that even as a hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy still surprises me in so many ways. During the session I felt aware at many times and like most of my current clients had a fear if this would actually work for me. Especially when you’ve tried diets, ad hoc “Phases” of trying to go to the gym. I resigned myself into thinking and believing that losing weight is just something I couldn’t do, it seemed too hard and unachievable I was scared that as I got older I would keep putting on weight.

The virtual gastric band program was great, it has helped me eat and be satisfied with much smaller amounts of food. It has released many fears and also changed my habits and desire for certain snack foods.

2015-05-31 10.18.53So, 9 months later I am 7 kg lighter, I have completed my first 21k, half marathon. I have now completed 5 running events this year, as well as Park runs. The most surprising thing for me though is the motivation and desire for exercise and the improvements to eat more healthily. Each week, I find new ways to manage my health better and I know that consistent daily efforts will result in changes in my body shape. What has surprised me the most is that the inches have fallen off and I can physically see the changes and increased tone to my body. I am noticing that I don’t mind seeing my full body shape in photos. The scales haven’t shifted as quickly as I would have liked, (I would have loved to have lost the weight over night!). My daily mantra is “consistent daily action to health”, “What am I doing for my health today”. I know I got myself into this situation, and the steady weight gain over the years, will result in steady weigh loss if I continue to take healthy actions. It’s also been fun, do some fun events with family too.

I see plenty of slim, toned women in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and I now believe I can be one of those woman.

I trained as a Hypnotherapist in 2003 in the UK, with leading hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner Phil Parker and Rob Kelly. The virtual gastric band program is the most effective program I have used for successful and long term weight loss.Hypnotherapy for weight loss and motivation to exercise definitely works and it is great to successfully help other people make their weight loss dreams come true with the Virtual Gastric Band program.

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4 tips choosing the best hot stone massage therapist

4 tips to make sure you choose get the best hot stone massage therapist

The art of delivering the best hot stone massage is one that that requires a lot of skill from the therapist. Delivering a high quality hot stone massage takes a lot of practice and skill. If you choose the wrong therapist then watch out, it might be the worst massage you will ever receive. Even worse, you may get burnt! Check your therapist hasn’t just picked stones off the local beach or river and stuck them in a crock pot or skillet. Remember, it’s ok to ask your therapist these questions. If they get defensive, or they are rude, it clearly indicates that they don’t have the training.

Here are a few helpful questions to ask your potential hot stone therapist.

  1. Where did you learn your hot stone massage? – You don’t want a therapist that has had no training, or even worse, just learnt off a DVD. Classroom training and case studies enable students to practice their skill and get the right feedback.  Getting this feedback is essential and ensures that they can deliver the best hot stone massage you will ever receive. Without this training and feedback, “YOU” may end up the practice body. A inadequately trained therapist may have stones that are too cold, or too hot and/or a massage that just doesn’t flow.
  2. How long was your training course?  (Do they have a certificate?) To provide a high quality hot stone massage the training course needs to be more than 1 day. The therapist should definitely have completed case studies. The case study aspect ensures that they have had the adequate practice and feedback and that they are not practising their routine on you.
  3. When did you complete your course and how many hot stone massages have you completed? This will give you an idea of how many hot stone massages that they currently provide. The more they have done, the more confidence and flow the therapist will have.
  4. hotstonemassage_000002701151Medium[1]What equipment do you use and how many stones do you use? Therapists should use professional stone heaters and basalt stones. Using a crock pot or skillet is not the right equipment.  Crock Pots and skillets are not very responsive to rapid changes of the temperature to suit your exact requirements.  If the stones are not warm enough, the therapist will not be able to change the temperature quick enough.  The therapist needs to be offering their hot stone massage using a professional heater. Stones: The best hot stone massages are delivered using basalt stones. The reason for this is that they retain their heat for longer periods of time. This means that the therapist can deliver a flowing routine, without constantly having to change out stones because they keep getting cold and lose their heat.

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Building Self Belief for Weight Loss – 5 Tips

Building self-belief for successful weight loss

Successful long term weight loss can often be affected by our own ability to really believe and trust in ourselves, that we are capable of losing the weight and keeping the weight off.  When we have tried so many diets or the latest exercise craze and we have either lost interest, or seen the yo-yo effect on our bodies.We may feel we “want” to lose the weight but haven’t followed through and frequently let ourselves down by self-sabotaging our efforts.  Frustrating isn’t it? And it can be difficult to then truly believe that we can lose weight, when we have lost that trust in ourselves that we will actually follow through with actions on a consistent basis.

It is essential that we build self-trust for weight loss, so that we are fully committed and believe that we can lose and keep the weight off. So how do we do this?

To build self-trust for effective weight loss, we need to be 100% committed and positive.  So, how do we do this when we have let ourselves down so much?

Forgive yourself and move on. Change how you talk to yourself and others. I often hear from weight loss clients that they believe that they can’t do it, that they aren’t capable and that they will “try” or “hope” to do their daily exercise or “try” to eat smaller portions. That they are really “wanting” to lose weight.

Losing weight isn’t about “Trying”, “wanting” or “hoping” to lose weight.  To build self-trust you have to be 100% committed. To convince yourself on every level, you need to begin to change your language and express thing more positively. Delete the words “trying”, “wanting”, and “hoping”.  “Trying” to lose weight, you will keep on “trying” and failing because really you aren’t 100% committed.  Use instead “I am going to fit my exercise in today at 7pm”, I am going to run 3k today.  “Wanting” – Yes, you will keep telling your subconscious mind to continue to “Want” and not actually “have” those changes you desire. Say instead “I have 5kgs to lose by July”, I am totally committed to losing 5kgs”

Believe it or not, your subconscious mind controls you 80% of the time. Be mindful of that, and you have to teach your powerful sub-consciousness to support you 100%, rather than sabotage your efforts by making you continuously “Wanting” to make those healthy changes, instead of doing it.

  1.  Set a daily health goal. It’s great to have long term goals, however it is the daily and hourly action that you take, which will enable those long term changes to your health. When you wake up, consciously choose to prioritise your health and think how am I going to look after my health and fitness today? What healthy things am I preparing to eat and when can I fit in my exercise? Do I have my water bottle? How can I plan to make these things happen more easily in my life? What can I put in my diary today?
  2. 100% commit to your actionsI am going to the gym at 10am. (Take note I haven’t written “I will try to go the gym, or I hope to go the gym”)
  3. Have a daily affirmation – Put your affirmation somewhere you can easily see it, so that you are reminded of it on a daily basis. It could be on your phone, fridge or mirror. Some examples could be: –I am fully committed to improving my health and wellness everyday”. “My health and wellness is my number one priority”. Speak positively and visualize yourself eating healthy today and doing your exercise.
  4. Consequences for letting ourselves down: – If we let ourselves down, it’s pointless just feeling guilty and mentally telling yourself off. Teach your subconsciousness that it can’t get away with letting you down.  As humans we naturally gravitate towards pleasure, so if you can teach your subconsiousness that letting you down is a “painful” experience. The next time you try to self-sabotage, you will remember that the daily efforts that you take are making you happier and more confident in your body. That you want to do them because it is making you happy. Decide to be a grown up and take full responsibility. Choose an appropriate healthy consequence for letting yourself down. It could be that you will have to do double your exercises for the following day, or that you have a smaller meal. Remember that every day (hour) is a new beginning where we can take control of our health and make the right choices.
  5. Get Accountable – Telling the world what you are doing is a great motivator to ensure you fulfil your goals. There are plenty of ways to do this through a life coach, health coach or personal trainer. Or you can create posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and run keeper. There are other on-line software tools that can keep you motivate and on track for your goals.

Remember to reward yourself when you have completed a goal or task you have promised yourself. Mentally, or physically pat yourself on the back 😆 , Think of other none food related rewards, like a new outfit, facial, massage, or sauna.

When we learn to truly “trust” in ourselves, our confidence, sense of self and determination continues to grow and we begin to believe that “Yes, I can do this”

Believe in yourself !

Believe in yourself !

Mental Health

Mental Health

1 in 5 New Zealanders has suffered from some form of Mental Health problem in the last year.  We are seeing more about this in the mainstream media, and most of us will know of someone who has been affected at some time in their lives.

Stress, anxiety, depression and substance dependence are only some of the issues that can be experienced, and these are often frightening and cause major imbalance.

Homeopathy is an important healing modality in Mental Health disorders.  I am a firm believer that homeopathy in fact works at its best in these cases.

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Uncovering The Real You

Ten years ago Lynda Millar was living in the UK, commuting three hours a day and working in a high-powered IT/ Telecoms job. But then something happened that changed it all.

Many of us have those moments when we feel it’s time to shift something in our lives. For most of us though, it’s working out what it is and how to go about it that’s the problem. Continue reading

Reiki History – Little White Lies

The Real Reiki History

Lynda Millar (Johnson) – Reiki & Karuna Reiki Teacher, Porirua, Wellington

The reiki history was a little flaky when I was originally taught by my 1st Reiki Master. Following my Reiki level 1 attunment I was curious to find out more about Reiki and spent a number of years learning more about the history of Reiki.

I couldn’t understand if the founder Dr Usui lived in the early 1800’s, why didn’t my Reiki Master know what year he was born and died?  When looking at the History of Reiki, I couldn’t understand if Dr Usui wanted to learn how to heal like Jesus, why he would go to an American University! Why would he do that? It really didn’t help me to put my heart and soul into Reiki and at that time (1997) I also found on the internet various sites claiming different dates of when Dr Usui was born/died.

My mind was put at rest when I finally came across a book “The Spirit of Reiki” written by William Lee Rand. In the book it gave details of Dr Usui birth & death and where his grave was is in Japan. More details about his life and the book is also a complete handbook of the Reiki System.

However a few more bomb shells were dropped in that book. It gave documented evidence that there was no evidence that Dr Usui was a president at Doshisha University and also no records within the University of Chicago indicated that Dr Usui was ever there. I also didn’t understand why did Hawayo Takata, charge so much for such an amazing gift!  Why did Hawayo Takata claim that she was the only Reiki Master in the world? Why did she get students to rip up the symbols, when in-fact they are not as so sacred as we are led to believe as they many of them are based on Sanskrit. Why did she make all these little white lies up?

There is still no-evidence today that I have been able to gather as to why Hawayo Takata had said all these things. However, I do feel I would like to share with everyone my experience of Hawayo Takata homeland and how life must have been for her.  I teach Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage which perfectly integrates with the healing powers of reiki and it was on my Hawaiian trip learning this technique that I discovered many interesting things about Hawaii and it’s people.

I went to study with a lady called “Auntie Margaret” she was considered a gifted healer and was the first to train people in the west about Hawaiin massage techniques. Something that was very much frowned upon my the other natives. I mentioned to my teacher that I was so excited to be learning more about Hawaiian spirituality and the Huna breath and healing powers. My teacher responded that she wouldn’t be sharing this and that these techniques were evil! According to the Christians they had been forbidden to practice their spirituality. In fact the missionaries set about converting all the Hawaiians to Christianity and gradually Christianity took over. The Kahuna’s priests & Healers were persecuted and forbidden from practicing and they were driven underground. Many were told that their own faith and practices were evil and that the only way to go to heaven was to believe in “Jesus and god” and to go to church and pray.  If they were caught practicing they faced prison, a heavy fine or even death. The Christians also didn’t like the freedom that the Hawaiians expressed and didn’t like how they revealed their bodies in the hot sun. So they banned the hula dance which they thought was provocative and planted thorns all over the Islands to ensure that all the Hawaiians wore proper clothing and worshiped the Christian gods.

The introduction of the missionaries and immigrants rang a death toll for the population of 300,000 island born Hawaiians. After the healers were outlawed in the 1800’s fewer than 60,000 survived. The newcomers brought diseases unsuited to the immune systems of the native people, but they also ignorantly outlawed the very persons who could have treated those diseases. The introduction of americans, and westerners to the society were devastating.

The kahuna’s driven underground were still known by the Hawaiians and the Kahuna name affectionately became camouflaged as uncle or auntie, or papa or daddy.

Therefore, I can imagine Hawayo Takata would have had to have thought very carefully how she would need to approach teaching reiki to ensure that if she was discovered that there was no evidence, therefore claiming that she was the only teacher in the West would have put westerners off questioning her story. The Japanese language barrier would have prevented many from finding out the truth or questioning her methods and equally Japanese didn’t like sharing their healing techniques with Westerners. The burning of the symbols would also have ensured there was no evidence and the cost of the courses were high enough to cover her bale costs should she be fined for practicing.

It also didn’t help that the Japanese were not well respected in America, particularly in Hawaii where they had the devastation of Pearl Harbour. Christians would also frown upon Eastern Religions as they did the Hawaiian beliefs. So again, I can imagine that Hawayo Takata certainly did want to honour the roots of reiki but equally she would have wanted to make Dr Usui sound less eastern (i.e a Christian minister) along with if he studied in America he would have sounded more American than Japanese.! (Maybe)

It is a relief but a surprise to discover that it was only in 1978 that finally the Religious freedom act was passed (public law 95-341) that finally freed the kahuna (Shaman/keeper of secrets/healers) from their rainforest shadows. It seems strange that this event, along with Hawayo Takata dying made it easier for the west to reduce the price of Reiki courses allowing more people access to it’s teaching.

I’m still saddened though that even with the new law put into place, it’s a shame that today with only 7-8000 full blood Hawaiians left, there appears little evidence of the ancient culture, on the surface. Many of the kahunas still operate in secret afraid.

Learning all of this about Hawaii history, certainly made me feel a lot of compassion to Hawayo Takata and I am so grateful to her strength and fearlessness in what must have been challenging times. She stuck to her belief that we needed to have access to these techniques regardless of how dangerous it could have been for her.

Thank you Hawayo.

Lynda Johnson


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