4 tips to make sure you choose get the best hot stone massage therapist

The art of delivering the best hot stone massage is one that that requires a lot of skill from the therapist. Delivering a high quality hot stone massage takes a lot of practice and skill. If you choose the wrong therapist then watch out, it might be the worst massage you will ever receive. Even worse, you may get burnt! Check your therapist hasn’t just picked stones off the local beach or river and stuck them in a crock pot or skillet. Remember, it’s ok to ask your therapist these questions. If they get defensive, or they are rude, it clearly indicates that they don’t have the training.

Here are a few helpful questions to ask your potential hot stone therapist.

  1. Where did you learn your hot stone massage? – You don’t want a therapist that has had no training, or even worse, just learnt off a DVD. Classroom training and case studies enable students to practice their skill and get the right feedback.  Getting this feedback is essential and ensures that they can deliver the best hot stone massage you will ever receive. Without this training and feedback, “YOU” may end up the practice body. A inadequately trained therapist may have stones that are too cold, or too hot and/or a massage that just doesn’t flow.
  2. How long was your training course?  (Do they have a certificate?) To provide a high quality hot stone massage the training course needs to be more than 1 day. The therapist should definitely have completed case studies. The case study aspect ensures that they have had the adequate practice and feedback and that they are not practising their routine on you.
  3. When did you complete your course and how many hot stone massages have you completed? This will give you an idea of how many hot stone massages that they currently provide. The more they have done, the more confidence and flow the therapist will have.
  4. hotstonemassage_000002701151Medium[1]What equipment do you use and how many stones do you use? Therapists should use professional stone heaters and basalt stones. Using a crock pot or skillet is not the right equipment.  Crock Pots and skillets are not very responsive to rapid changes of the temperature to suit your exact requirements.  If the stones are not warm enough, the therapist will not be able to change the temperature quick enough.  The therapist needs to be offering their hot stone massage using a professional heater. Stones: The best hot stone massages are delivered using basalt stones. The reason for this is that they retain their heat for longer periods of time. This means that the therapist can deliver a flowing routine, without constantly having to change out stones because they keep getting cold and lose their heat.

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