Become a qualified PRACTITIONER

Become a qualified PRACTITIONER

Are you wanting to make a positive impact on the world and make a difference?

Are you in Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Education, Teaching, Politics, Sports, a mental health therapist and even just for your own Self-Development. Any person will benefit if they are involved with “people” and you are wanting to positively influence and get your message understood more clearly either personally or professionally? Then this training is the best investment you will ever make. 

Many people decide to train to become a NLP Practitioner or Hypnotherapist as either self-development or to improve their professional career. 

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Lynda Johnson, IANLP

Lynda is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 10 years Hypnotherapy, coaching and holistic therapy experience. Lynda was trained in the UK with international author/speaker and leading Master Hypnotherapist/NLP Coach Phil Parker, Rob Kelly , Sheila Granger and more recently with Alpha Hypnosis NZ Roger Saxelby.  Lynda educates and facilitates a range of holistic health courses and is a Weight Loss Specialist and Hypnobirthing facilitator.