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That’s Better offer the highest standards in Holistic Health Care and Education. We offer a wide range of  Holistic Health and Massage classes and we provide training and certifications in Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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That’s Better also provide One-on-One Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP, and Reiki sessions with our amazing Lynda Johnson.  In addition, we provide a LifeUCoach program which will accelerate your growth and the changes you want!

Lynda millar

Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach and trainer.

As seen on Good Morning TV, Lynda Johnson comes highly recommended from the Dominion Post and Capital Times.

Lynda Millar (Johnson) is founder and Director of That’s Better. Lynda has over 20 years experience within the field of Holistic Health.

Her focus is integrating the healing of mind, body and soul therefore her sessions and classes offer an integrative holistic approach imparting a wealth of knowledge and techniques from numerous fields. She believes it is important to empower you and teach you the skills that you can practice confidently when you go home, that will help create the change you desire in your life and serve you for the rest of you life.


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Become a qualified pRACTITIONER

nlp training

The NLP Practitioner Training Certification with That’s Better provides you with professional training to the highest international standard of approved NLP certification training globally.

LifeUCoach – Personal Development

Master your mindset and enhance your self-awareness, personal & professional development and learn a range of skills, tools and strategies to create more success in your life. This course takes a holistic heart centered approach geared at healing the mind, body and emotions.


Get an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy or a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners certificate.  Expert delivery and recognised training providers.


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Within a coaching session, you will explore and define concrete, realistic steps you need to take in order to have positive action moving forward. We clarify what your internal resources are and what you still need, as well as things that are within or outside your control. 


Hypnosis has been well researched and can be helpful, safe and effective in many cases treating a wide range of conditions. You will be completely aware of what is going on around you and often I use a number of tools and therapies during the session to achieve successful results.


NLP provides tools and techniques to achieve positive outcomes in a simple, fast and easy way, for success and excellence in every area of life. As opposed to counselling, which concentrates on life’s problems.   It sounds technical but it’s also a lot of fun.