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Bio 1000 Full Set – Water Filter

Bio Mineral Pot 1000 

10.0 litre capacity  Filter life 15,000 litres

Water is an organic nutritious mineral.  All of its elements play roles in the human body such as forming tissue and controlling functions. Minerals dissolved in water (calcium, magnesium etc) are very important to humans.

The Mineral Pot generates mineral water by passing the water through coral sands and mineral sands.  This process adds calcium, magnesium etc, and over 20 other minerals, vital for human health.  Also, the filter is an ion exchange process which removes harmful contaminants from the water.

Excellent water filtering function
Removes pollutants gradationally while passing through the multi level complex filter.

Magnetised water keeping your health
Thousands of multipolar magnets are in the magnetised water.  These supply living energy deep into the water cell afinity.

Always fresh water even during storage
With the sub mineral cartridge using Somelite, the propogation of bacteria is suppressed while keeping the water fresh. This means that live water is always supplied.

What is Somelite
Somelite is bacteriostatic agent.  It is made by plating silver into coral sand and prevents bacterial propogation, solving one of the biggest problems which other water filters have

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Purifying Type Natural Filter
Spec 305mm X 485mm
Weight 6.4kg
Power No electricity
Reservoir 6 litre (glass)
Capacity / day 18 litre
Capacity / year 6,570 litres
Interval for filter change
Filter Function Change Time
Cotton Pad 80 pieces (14 days)
First Stage Filter 6 piece (6 months)
Second Stage Filter 1 piece (3 years)
Main Filter (Third Stage Filter) 1 piece (3 years)
Bio Ceramic 1 piece (semi-permanent)
Alkalite diskette 1 piece semi-permanent
Sub Mineral Cartridge 1 piece (3 years

Price: $840.00

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