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What is NLP?

NLP Master Practitioner - Lynda Johnson

NLP Wellington – Kapiti – Lynda Johnson

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) was developed in the 1970’s, through studying the structure of success.

NLP is an area of research dedicated to understanding the specific language of the brain. It analyses human communication and how we create our subjective world with all it’s pains and pleasures.

NLP looks at exceptional talent, how outstanding individuals and organisations get their results. It then provides ways of modelling and reproducing excellence and re-patterning old and redundant beliefs and behaviours.

NLP provides tools and techniques to achieve positive outcomes in a simple, fast and easy way, for success and excellence in every area of life. As opposed to counselling, which concentrates on life’s problems.   It sounds technical but it’s also a lot of fun.

The term NLP was coined by Bandler and Grinder in the 1970’s.

There are three aspects that make up the term NLP

Neuro – the mind – how we think, feel and imagine

Linguistic – language – speaking, written, unwritten

Programming – the technical side of how to influence the mind through language

 What is NLP?

NLP Wellington – Kapiti Coast – Lynda Johnson

NLP is set of tools that let people model excellence in all its forms, and using exercises, tools, ideas, and allow millions of people to achieve results and goals they never thought possible.It has been applied in many fields from sports (by many Gold Medallists), to business, from music to childbirth.The tools and techniques used with clients achieve positive outcomes in a simple, fast and easy way, for success and excellence in every area of life. As opposed to counselling, which concentrates on life’s problems.   It sounds technical but it’s also a lot of fun.A typical NLP session is often combined with a Life coaching session and it focuses on the positive and it trains you to develop positive thoughts, words and actions and effective habits. Each session, providing you with techniques to give you more power over yourself and your life and provides support while you strive for your goals.

Will Hypnotherapy be used in the NLP sessions?

NLP Master Practitioner – Lynda Johnson

Clinical Hypnosis is often used in conjunction with NLP. (Although not essential for all the tools and is ALWAYS with consent of the client).

Clinical Hypnosis is safe, effective and you are completely in control.

It’s a similar feeling to if you have ever driven a car/bike to a familiar place and you zone out and suddenly find you’ve arrived but couldn’t remember the journey as you’ve gone on auto-pilot. Or when you have zoned out watching the TV or find yourself day dreaming.

This essentially is the trance like state that we utilise to access your mind to aid with the fast changes that we do through NLP and using hypnosis aid’s relaxation and helps to gain a deeper access into the subconcious mind.

How can NLP help me?

It can help with anything that you want to change!

Some common issues may including:


Anxiety Compulsions Health concerns
Anger Cravings Integrity
Addictions Depression Multiple personality disorders
Allergies Fear and anxiety Motivation
Behavioral Problems Grief



Peak Performance

Belief in self Heart break Recovery
Confidence Healing of abuse/Trauma Self Identity
Compulsions Hyperactivity and learning disabilities Time Management

How many NLP sessions will I need?

Every individual is unique and during our initial session, we analyse and agree the time frames and budget that you have. Some issues may take longer, many issues can take just 1 to 4 sessions to bring about lasting change.

In some cases additional regular coaching sessions will help you achieve your goals.

How long are the sessions?

The first session is usually 90 minutes and then 60-90 minutes thereafter. 60-90 minutes


0800 26 2248 OR 021 510 378



*Disclaimer, whilst we aim to provide a 100% commitment helping you achieve the outcome you want. Outcomes can vary on an individual basis, whilst many clients following the guidelines have achieved high success with NLP & Hypnotherapy this is not a guarantee that all clients achieve these results.

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